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Is the NBA Gang Related? I'll let you be the judge

                            Is the NBA Gang Related? I'll let you be the judge 

 When a media type reports that an NBA player may be gang affiliated, we typically assume that the reporter snitch is just some jealous old white dude whose diaper is bunching up because he hates seeing a young black man making more money than he'll ever see in his miserable lifetime. Sometimes, though, the journalist has actually seen gangland  on the History Channel and knows what they're talking about. Denver Nuggets guard J.R. Smith (seen above either throwing up a Bloods gang sign, or impersonating a velociraptor) has raised eyebrows recently with his posts on Twitter, a powerful weapon used by gang members to build social networks. Like a true Piru, or someone who missed a couple key days of Sesame Street growing up, Smith has been omitting c's, which stand for the rival Crips gang, and replacing them with k's, which stand for potassium on the periodic table.

So, we're pretty sure that Smith is a straight up knucklehead who's gonna get himself in deep dodo with NBA Commissioner David Stern, who long ago gave up whoo-bangin' and doesn't want it anywhere near his league. But what about other players who've been known to throw up hand signals for the homies? Complex reads between the signs to determine who's gang affiliated and who's not...


Suspicious sign: After making any play of slight significance, Richardson bangs his fists against his forehead.
Gang related?: Q-Rich, who was born in Chicago gangland, started throwing up the sign with teammate Darius Miles while playing for the Los Angeles Clippers (Cali is active, mane!). We can't rule out possible gang meaning, but since he's spent the past four seasons playing for the woeful New York Knicks, we'd also accept that he was just trying to knock himself out to bring an end to his misery.


Suspicious sign: The NBA fined P-double $25K for making the "menacing gesture" above towards the Atlanta Hawks after he was knocked down in a playoff game.
Gang related?: Pierce, who grew up outside Los Angeles in gang-infested Inglewood, CA and Boston's general manager Danny Ainge denied that it was a gang sign, claiming that it was a symbol used between players on the Celtics to represent "blood, sweat, and tears." Blood, eh? Take another look at J.R. Smith's finger blast and it's plain to see that "The Truth" is full of shit.


Suspicious sign: During his playing days, Dougie Fresh, as nobody called him, ran up and down the court flashing a variety of hand signals.
Gang related?: Chain gang, sure. Concerned that Christie might be putting up numbers in NBA gangbangs, his possessive wife Jackie p-whipped him into signing mushy sentiments to her in the crowd during games. The only time Christie reps for bloods is when he's buying his boo tampons.

Suspicious sign: Before shooting a free throw, Krypto-Nate does a military-style salute.
Gang related?: Nate Rob is indeed sending a message to his fellow young gunners, but that message is: Yes, it's really me, Nate Robinson, who you've been playing video game shooters against online. Thank you for allowing me to interact with people closer to my own height, even if it's virtually. Now come find me tonight in the Call of Duty: World At War lobby and test me if you wanna get pwned!


Suspicious sign: Before shooting a free throw, J-Kidd holds up four fingers to his mouth and blows a kiss to the basket.
Gang related?: Once upon a time, before it came out that he was beating and cheating on his then wife Joumana, Kidd was said to be blowing her kisses. Either that or he was just showing her the back of his hand.


Suspicious sign: Like Smith and Pierce, B-Dizzle has thrown up a few thumb-to-index "O" signs before becoming famous enough that anyone gave a shit.
Gang related?: Davis, who grew up surrounded by gangs in L.A., is man enough to admit that it is a gang sign. Though he told Complex he's "not glorifying" gang life, he admitted that he slips subconsciously at times because he "grew up playing with gangbangers." This also explains why we subconsciously play with our dicks.


Suspicious sign: The young Bulls star was photographed twisting up his fingers into a Gangster Disciples sign at a University of Memphis party during his lone year there.
Gang related?: Rose, who grew up in the Englewood section of Chicago (are we sensing a pattern yet?), where the Disciples run deep, admits that the photo "appears to depict me flashing a gang sign," but that it was just a "young, naive" kid making a "bad joke." We're sure the GD's are laughing their asses off.

Professional and college sports teams clothing worn by street gangs.  The following information is an indicator as to how many gang members are using popular sports clothing to represent their individual gangs. Both professional and college teams are represented. It should be noted that the sporting of clothing does not always signify gang affiliation. This list was compiled to make the reader aware of possible gang involvement. It should also be noted that street gangs have become aware of the fact that law enforcement uses the wearing of colors as an indicator of gang involvement.


Gang Related Clothing and Styles - Boys

Shaved, bald head or extremely short hair, White oversized T-shirt creased7d55e0e33a40a388 in the middle White athletic type undershirt Polo type knit shirts (oversized) and usually worn buttoned to the top and not tucked in.  Oversized Dickie, Ben Davis or Solos pants, Pants worn low, or “sagging” and cuffed inside at the bottom or dragging on the ground.  Baseball caps worn backwards (usually black and sometimes with the initials of the gang)


Cut off under-the-knee, short pants worn with knee-high socks, a predominance of dark or dull clothing, or clothing of one particular color.  Black oversized jackets, sweatshirts, jerseys, etc. Black stretch belt with chrome or silver gang initial belt buckle, oversized shirts, Clothing a mixture of gang colors, black and silver or white. 

Gang Related Clothing and Styles - Girls

c23e727e55856ff8Exaggerated use of mousse, gel or baby oil on hair, Black or dark clothing and shoes Black oversized jackets, sweatshirts, athletic football jerseys, etc.  Oversized shirts worn outside of the pants, Oversized white T-shirts, Dark jackets with lettering (cursive or Old English style) Baggy, long pants dragging on the ground, Heavy make-up, dark excessive eye shadow, shaved eyebrows, dark lipstick, dark fingernail polish, Tank tops or revealing blouses, Stretch belts with initial on belt buckle, Overalls not fastened



Gang Affiliated Sports Team Apparel or Logos


Ø     Atlanta Braves: People- initial “A” for Almighty

Ø     Boston Celtics: Spanish Cobras - Colors - Green/Black

Ø     British Knights: Crips - initials “B” & “K” for Blood Killers

Ø     Burger King: Crips - initials “B” & “K” for Blood Killers

Ø     Charlotte Hornets: 4 Corner Hustlers - initials “C” & “H”

Ø     Charlotte Hornets: Imperial Gangsters - Colors - Black/Pink

Ø     Chicago Bulls: Vice Lords, Latin Counts, Mickey Cobras - colors - Black/Red

Ø     Chicago Bulls: Black Peace Stone Nation - “Bulls” stands for “Boy You Look Like Stone”

Ø     Chicago Black Hawks: Vice Lords - Colors - Black/Red

Ø     Chicago Cubs: Spanish Cobras - initial “C”

Ø     Cincinnati Reds: 4 Corner Hustlers - put a “4″ next to the “C” and an “H” inside of the “C”

Ø     Colorado Rockies: Simon City Royals - sometimes place a white “S” in front of the “C”

Ø     Columbia Knights: Bloods - initials “C” & “K” for Crip Killer

Ø     Converse All Star shoe: People - five point star in the logo of label

Ø     Dallas Cowboys: People - five point star

Ø     Denver Broncos: Black Disciples switch “DB” for initials “BD”

Ø     Detroit Lions: Gangster Disciples - Colors - Black/Blue

Ø     Detroit Tigers: Folks - initial “D” for Disciples

Ø     Detroit Tigers: Gangster Disciples - Colors: Black/Blue

Ø     Duke: Folks - Colors - Black/Blue; “Duke” = “Disciples Utilizing Knowledge Everyday”

Ø     Georgetown: Folks - initial “G” for Gangster

Ø     Georgetown Hoyas: Gangster Disciples - Colors: Black/Blue; “Hoyas” stands for “Hoover’s On Your Ass” (Larry Hoover)

Ø     Georgia Tech: Folks - initial “G” for Gangster

Ø     Indiana University: Imperial Gangsters - initials “I” & “U” overlapping appear to make the shape of a pitchfork showing “Folks” affiliation

Ø     Kansas City Royals: Folks - Colors: Black/Blue

Ø     Kansas City Royals: Simon City Royals - “Royals”

Ø     LA Dodgers: Gangster Disciples - initial “D” for Disciples

Ø     LA Kings: Latin Kings - “Kings”

Ø     LA Kings: People - “Kings” stands for “Kill Inglewood Nasty Gangsters”

Ø     Los Angeles Raiders: Folks - “Raiders” stands for “Ruthless Ass Insane Disciples Running Shit”

Ø     Los Angeles Raiders: People - “Raiders” stands for “Raggedy Ass Iced Donuts Everywhere Running Scared”: used to “Disrespect” Folks

Ø     Louis Vitton Cap: Vice Lords Initials “LV” reversed

Ø     Miami Hurricanes: People - Color -Orange

Ø     Michigan: Initial “M” for Maniac Latin Disciples

Ø     Minnesota Twins: Initial “M” for Maniac Latin Disciples

Ø     NY Yankees: Gangster Disciples Colors - Black/Blue/White

Ø     North Carolina Tar Heels: Folks - Colors - Black/Blue

Ø     Nike: Folks - Colors - Black/Blue

Ø     Oakland A’s: Ambrose - initial “A” for Ambrose

Ø     Oakland A’s: Orchestra Albany Initials “O” & “A”

Ø     Oakland A’s: Spanish Cobras - Color - Green

Ø     Orlando Magic: Folks - “Magic” stands for “Maniacs and Gangsters in Chicago”; Colors - Black/Blue represents numerous “Folks” gangs

Ø     Philadelphia Phillies: People - initial “P” for “People”

Ø     Phoenix Suns: Black Peace Stone Nation - initials “P” & “S”

Ø     Pittsburgh Pirates: Colors - Black/Gold for Latin Kings; Bloods - Initial “P”; for Pirus (Bloods)

Ø     San Francisco Giants: Folks - switch initials for “Super Gangster Folk”

Ø     San Francisco Giants: Future Stones Initials “S” & “F” spelled backwards San Francisco (Any) Stone Freaks Initials “S” & “F”

Ø     St. Louis Cardinals: Spanish Vice Lords - red-colored hat

Ø     Starter Symbol: Folks - crack the five point star to disrespect the “People”

Ø     Starter Symbol: People - five point star

Ø     Texas Rangers: People - initial “T” looks like pitchfork pointing down

Ø     University of Illinois: Folks - initials “U” & “I” together appear to be a pitchfork pointing up

Ø     University of Nevada at Las Vegas: (UNLV ) -Vice Lords Colors: Red/Black; “UNLV” backwards stands for “Vice Lords Nation United”



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